Q: What is NextMath.com?

NextMath.com teaches Mathematics to the next generation of students. The site is not ready yet and is available by invitation only at the moment. When finished, NextMath.com will provide

  1. student knowledge management
  2. modularized lectures on every mathematical concept
  3. 60-second quizzes on every concept (two of which are shown here)
  4. 24-hour-turn-around grading and question answering.


Q: Why the quiz doesn't start?
A: The questions of the quiz are loaded in run time and will take some time to load all questions. A fast connection will load quick, a slow connection will take more time. It could happen to the connection be broken. If it take much time to load try press "reload" to reconnect to server. If the problem continue send an email to support@nextmath.net